Our workshops are primarily aiming at bands and artists who are trying to achieve much with just a few resources.

We advise you and to form an interface between creativity and technology.

Do you have questions like e.g .:

• Why is our live / monitor-sound always so bad?

• Why do the same technical problems occur again and again?

• How can we prepare ourselves for the cooperation with the sound engineer in the studio or live?

• How can we mix our own shows?

• How can we create high quality recordings on a budget?

• Which equipment should we buy?

• Why sound our shots not as we would wish?

• etc.

In this case our workshops are just right for you.

We show you i.a. how to:

• Improve the acoustics in your rehearsal room / home studio.

• Improve the Communication between band and sound engineers.

• Create a professional techrider.

• Mix your own show.

• Optimize the workflow in your home studio.

• Create quality recordings.

• Set up permanent installations.

• etc.

We directly come to your rehearsal room, your Venue, your home studio, your youth center, your church, your community hall etc.

Our experience has shown that on an amateur or semi-professional level the same, simple mistakes are made quite often due to an incorrect or partial knowledge. We have the remedy for this and ensure that you can have a successful start.

We also offer online workshops for people all around the globe with our partner StreamstageSTREAMSTAGE_Logo_Slogan

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