Flyer/Poster Design

You want to advertise your event or venue?
An eye-catching designed flyer or poster is a great Way to promote your brand.
The first impression is often decisive. Don`t leave your success to chance!


Let the TMT graphic designers make a draft for you!

We provide extraordinary flyer and poster designs for you. Flyers and posters are part of the corporate literature. We ensure that the graphic design solutions we provide look is part of the same family as continuity strengthens the brand.

Posters are designed to be seen from a distance and therefore the information is concise and to the point. The goal of a poster is to create interest in the viewer to the extent that they want to seek further information. Flyers on the other hand are designed to be read so have more information. They tend to be sent in the post, handed out or picked up and are usually produced in large quantities.

Flyers and posters can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. We advise you on the best format for flyers and posters based on you requirements which affect the printing and distribution costs. We have extensive experience in print management so are able to provide cost effective print solutions for your brochure and leaflet design needs. Alternatively we can provide the brochure and leaflet artwork in the necessary format so you can manage the print internally