We offer various recording concepts for different target groups and applications.
Recordings with and by us are basically possible in three different ways:

  1. Studio recordings
  2. Concert recordings
  3. Rehearsal recordings

Recording in the studio provide the highest quality, of course.
The right choice for albums, EPs, singles and demos with high requirements.

Concert recordings are useful if you have a gig in a suitable location and especially want to capture the live atmosphere of the venue. The possibilities are quite varied. From simple stereo recording to video production of the concert and multi-track recording with editing in the studio and downmix in 5.1 or 7.1 surround. We advise you to find the appropriate solution for you.

Rehearsal recordings specifically targeting those who want to achieve a lot on a tight budget. Through the present state of technology it is possible to achieve very good results even with mobile equipment. Especially for the creation of a first demo a recording session in the rehearsal room can be the right choice.

The Tonmanufaktur Thomas, our studio in Nuremberg Steinbuehl is located near the Frankenschnellweg and is easily accessible with a variety of public transport.

The Control Room is architected completely digital and therefore at the current state of art. The digital way of working allows us to meet high quality standards and ensures a good workflow. In the 25m² recording room most bands and choirs can be accommodated.

Our sound engineers are trained professionals who are trying to get the most out of each production.
We provide guidance during your studio recordings and gladly advise you in advance.

1 Day Recording

8 Hrs
250€ Day

• 8 hours secording session in the studio

• Custom appointment possible

• supervision by dipl. sound engineer

1 Week Recording

48 Hrs
999€ Week

• 6 days recording session in the studio

• Custom appointment possible

• Supervision by dipl. sound engineer

1 Day Live Recording

1 Event
200€ Day

• Live recording session at the venue

• Up to 200 km travel incl.

• Supervision by dipl. sound engineer

1 Day Recording at Rehearsal Room

8 Hrs
200€ Day

• 8 Hrs Recording Session at your rehearsal room

• Up to 200 km travel incl.

• Supervision by dipl. sound engineer

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For those of you with less studio experience we compiled a little checklist for you to prepare optimally.

TMT Recording Checklist EN