Our music producers see themselves as producers in the classical sense.
If you are looking for music for backing tracks and beats, please take a look at composing.

A producer is on hand with help and advice during a recording Session to help you making decisions and encourage you. This can decide about success and failure of a production

This may be decisions that are based on questions such as:

  • Do your Songs match the audience?
  • In which order should your songs appear on the album to produce a good suspense.
  • Might the song be too long or too short?
  • Does the song structure convey the feeling that is intended?
  • Does the song need an additional instrument or backing vocals?
  • Is the key really the right one for the song?
  • How many songs should be on the album?
  • etc.

If you are ambitious and need a producer for your studio session or for a long term cooperation, talk to us.

Our producers will of course also advise you before the recordings if you wish.

TMT, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter