We offer compositional service in all musical styles.
Our composers write according to your ideas and create customized music for any occasion.
Whether you are conquering the charts or need quiet background music for a cafe or business; Whether for the stage or the catwalk.
Of course we can also realize your compositions through software instruments and studio musicians around.
In this way we can create backing tracks for singers or jingles and film music for example.
Our team includes experienced, talented composer and studio musicians who will help you to implement your ideas on a high level.

Among others you can benefit from our compositional Service as a:

  • singer
  • musician
  • producer
  • dancing teacher and studio
  • advertising company
  • radio station
  • club owner
  • retailer
  • event promoter
  • etc.

* The rates may vary greatly depending on the scope of work. Just talk to us! We have the right solution for you. Guaranteed. *

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