Music is one of gods greatest gifts to mankind.

Numerous studies have proven the that music effects mind and body even though this field of science is still underexplored.

We see ourselves as service providers with the aim to translate the vision of our artists into reality. We advise, guide, support and promote our clients and develop cutting edge solutions for their special needs.

If you can imagine it it`s possible.

We always look forward to new challenges and learn from every task.

Everybody puts his pants on one leg at a time.

Even though we have years of experience we believe that there is never enough experience and that there is no general solution for everybody`s needs.
To entrust your musical ideas to a producer or sound engineer is not easy.
It`s quite the contrary in fact and can be compared to the relation between patient and doctor.
Most of the time those ideas are very complex and have been created over month or years.
A vast number of rehearsals, songwriting sessions and concerts finally leads to the vision of a song or an album.
How can anyone expect a random live engineer at a venue to understand your vision and put it into action in one hour or less?!
That`s exactly the reason why we want to maintain a long term relation with our clients in the studio and on stage.

Over the years we`ve heard statements from our clients like:

  • “wow, you really understood what we were trying to do on stage”.
  • “We felt like home”.
  • “You knew exactly how to compensate our nervousness with your expertise”.

It`s very exciting for us to witness the progress of our clients and we always like to welcome new artists to the TMT-family.